The easiest way to advertise in online newspapers

The Nurofy Marketing Platform is for anyone who wants to advertise in online newspapers, regardless of whether you are a large or small company.

With our platform, you can do everything yourself and gain insight into the campaign instantly.

Marketing made easy on high quality newspapers and sites.

Create your own ads and monitor the campaign in real-time.

Publish your advertisements directly and select your preferred online newspaper.

Create your own image banners through the platform with Creative Studio.

Efficiently manage all your online newspaper advertisements in a single platform.

This is what your ads could look like
in local and national online newspapers

No file-size restriction.

Why pick Nurofy?


  • Easily manage ads yourself
  • Instant insight in your campaign
  • Choose from detailed targeting
  • Compare results on different newspapers
  • Time and budget friendly

Creative Studio

  • Create your own banners
  • No file limit
  • Pick from different fonts and colors
  • Be the designer
  • High quality images


  • 2% of the world's climate emissions stems from the Internet
  • Save the environment for 1 kg CO2 per GB you use
  • Increased quality with green technology
  • Green solution

Reach wherever

  • Quality sites
  • Pick your favorite newspapers
  • Reach Norway, Sweden, Denmark or Finland
  • Interested to reach other places? Contact us!

- Nurofy's solutions make us spend less time on advertising, and can quickly reach new audiences in desired online newspapers.

Ingrid Bleie

Marketing Coordinator at Fløyen

- The advertising budget is now used a lot more efficient.

Anne-Beate Lovborn, Marketing Manager

Fundament Gruppen

- The platform provides a much better overview of the advertising campaigns and gives the advertiser great flexibility.

Thomas Krogh, Marketing Manager


- We can now create the ads ourselves and select which newspapers to use. By monitoring the platform, we can constantly see what works better and make corrections along the way.

Kari Wulf, Personnel Selector and Marketing Manager

Baker Brun

Get high resolution images - no restrictions on file size!

No need to think about the newspapers' usual size limit on banners of 150 kB. Upload your ads in the highest quality - our platform ensures that the quality of the online newspapers is preserved.

150 kB Ingen filbegrensning

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