Our customers all agree: Nurofy is simple, time-saving, and organized.

"Simplification and the approach to how we can work and follow up on our own has been important for us" says marketing director Kari Wulf at Baker Brun, one of Nurofy's customers. This seems to be true for several of Nurofy's customers. Fløyen, Fundament Gruppen, and Daikin are also highly satisfied with the company and its platform.

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One of Nurofy's customers that we have been in contact with felt that other actors at times made marketing complicated, and therefore they were interested in trying out a simpler solution.

Several of the customers point out that Nurofy's platform makes it easy to keep track, easier to see the big picture, and allows for more independence in marketing and campaign work.

"In our view, Nurofy's platform is unique, and so is their follow-up," says marketing manager Anne-Beate Lovborn at Fundament Gruppen AS.


Quick Conviction

All the customers we have contacted for feedback confirmed that they were quickly convinced that Nurofy was a good choice and that previous solutions had been more complicated with limited opportunities to make quick adjustments and changes to campaigns.

"We are still in an early phase, but we see that we have achieved good results with the campaigns we have run on the Nurofy platform," says marketing manager Thomas Krogh at Daikin.

"We told Nurofy that we would try this for three months, and we have already forgotten that we said that, because it has worked so well," says Wulf at Baker Brun.

This is also something Fundament Gruppen and Fløyen can agree with.

"A positive difference for us is that it is much easier to deal with one provider for all advertising in online newspapers. This allows us to launch campaigns faster, and it is easier to maintain a good overview," says Lovborn from Fundament Gruppen AS.

"I saw the potential of Nurofy's platform for Fløyen as a company early on," adds marketing coordinator Ingrid Norheim from Fløyen.


Easy and Intuitive

When customers are asked to highlight positive aspects of Nurofy, one word stands out simplicity.

"Simplicity, simplicity, and simplicity are the key," says Anne-Beate Lovborn at Fundament Gruppen enthusiastically.

"Simplification and the approach to how we can work and follow up on our own has been important for us," says Kari Wulf at Baker Brun.

The other customers also vouch for this.

"I want to especially highlight the simplicity and the follow-up as important points for us," says Thomas Krogh at Daikin.

"It is easy and intuitive to understand, and I save a lot of time on ad setup, adjustments, and resizing of ads," emphasizes Ingrid Norheim from Fløyen.


Why not?

In other words, the customers have no doubt that they would recommend Nurofy to others who want to improve their marketing, advertising, and campaign management.

"It is time-saving, provides a good overview of analysis, and is a flexible system," says Krogh at Daikin.

"It's simply a matter of jumping into it and trying! Then you will also be convinced that advertising on different platforms is easy, as it has become for us," says Kari Wulf from Baker Brun.

Ingrid Norheim from Fløyen also mentions that many other platforms often have limitations on image and video resolution, but there are no limitations at Nurofy. "This ensures good quality at all times," she points out.

"Advertising becomes easier, and the follow-up is very good, so why wouldn't you choose Nurofy?" concludes.