Om Nurofy

Nurofy was established in 2015 and from the start we have had our main focus on simplifying marketing through technology. Our first automated product started out for real estate advertising. As of today, we offer a wide range of services, based on our unique expertise. Our customers can make use of our main product: Nurofy Marketing Platform. NMP offers you to advertise in all nordic newspapers available, within one platform. You can publish all of your campaigns on quality-assured websites, faster and easier than ever!

Nurofy is a company based in Bergen with headquarters in Media City Bergen.

It has never been easier to advertise in Nordic newspapers.

The Nurofy Marketing Platform is for anyone who simply wants to advertise on online newspapers, regardless of whether you are a large or small business - you can do it yourself and get instant insight.

"I have worked with advertising in online newspapers since 2012, but have never experienced this type of positive feedback from the advertisers as when they get to see the platform for the first time" says product owner and co-owner of Nurofy, Karl Espen Iversen.

The reason for the positive response is how easy it actually is to advertise on online newspapers, especially through high quality newspapers. In this way, we ensure that the brand of the advertisers does not end up on websites that you do not want. The advertisers can choose which audience they want to show the ad to, of course only with the best data to ensure quality for the advertisers.

«Vi ønsker at annonsørene kan bygge egne bannere/materiell i plattformen, selvfølgelig med høyest mulig kvalitet.» sier Joachim Tvedt – hovedeier av Nurofy.

The platform uses advanced technology that ensures that advertisers no longer need to think about how big a file is. The only thing you should consider is using the most effective image with the highest resolution. The technology solves the rest to ensure that the newspapers you advertise on have high speed/performance.


Technology that saves the environment

Vi i Nurofy er opptatt av å bruke teknologi som sparer miljøet, bekrefter Lars Erik Ørgersen COO og medeier i Nurofy.

Teknologien som vi bruker i plattformen, gjør at man bruker mindre datakraft når man skal vise frem budskapet sitt på de ulike nettstedene. Dette gjør at man sparer miljøet for 1 kg CO2 per GB data man bruker. Vi er stolt over at vi kan tilby slike løsninger til de som bruker plattformen vår.

The biggest benefit is that the advertisers experience a good effect from the money they invest to reach their audience. That is why we support editor-led media and we have built a platform that ensures that they compete with other channels in terms of where the advertisers should put their budgets, but that you do it yourself. This should be easy.

Gruppebilde Ikke rotert
Picture, from left: Joachim Tvedt CEO, Lars Erik Ørgersen COO and Karl Espen Ivrsen CCO.

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Headquarters Bergen
Media City Bergen
Lars Hilles gate 30, 5008 Bergen


Oslo Office

Tordenskiolds gate 2, 0160 Oslo