Harila is strengthening their position with the Nurofy platform.

Harila is a pioneer in Northern Norway's car industry and the first car dealer to embrace the Nurofy platform to market itself digitally. The marketing manager in Harila, Joakim Akselsen, is delighted with the collaboration.

Total control

With Nurofy, Joakim and his team can effectively create and place advertisements exactly when they want.

"Nurofy is absolutely optimal for a marketing manager," Akselsen enthusiastically explains.

With his solid background in the media industry, Joakim Akselsen has a good understanding of digital marketing strategies and services available on the market.

"We regularly receive feedback that we are highly visible. Thanks to Nurofy, we have increased the click-through rate on all our advertisements," says Akselsen.

Joakim Akselsen is impressed by how time-efficient the platform is. PHOTO: Harila


By using the Nurofy platform, the team at Harila can monitor the engagement of the advertisements in real-time.

"Despite challenging times for the automotive industry, the campaigns are very well received, thanks to the data Nurofy possesses," boasts Akselsen.

With Nurofy, Harila finds it easier to reach the right target audience and attract new customers, while also being able to build upon its already strong customer base.

Simplifies the work

Akselsen has nearly halved the time it takes to create a campaign due to Nurofy's smart solutions for material handling.

"When we use Nurofy, we no longer need to rely on an intermediary to input material and optimize the campaign. Communication through email is not always as effective, so it's very nice to be able to do this ourselves," says Akselsen.

Akselsen saves a lot of time when he uses Nurofy. PHOTO: Harila


In addition to saving a lot of time, Akselsen is also very satisfied with the communication between him and Nurofy.

"They are always available and respond to me immediately if there's ever anything. I've even suggested features that they implement shortly after" says Akselsen.

In addition, he explains that the campaigns are extremely accurate, easy to adjust, and have a higher click-through rate than before.

"I can easily and effectively create campaigns, monitor them along the way, and quickly make changes when needed. It has undoubtedly simplified my workday and, at the same time, provided better efficiency and results," concludes the satisfied marketing manager.

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