Nordic Launch

The Nurofy Marketing Platform has revolutionized the process of advertising in online newspapers and displaying ads by offering a hassle-free way to reach hundreds of websites. However, we at Nurofy understand the significance of maintaining the quality and safety of your brand. Therefore, we have taken a conscious decision to only select quality sites for your advertising purposes.

Green technology: By using Nurofy Marketing Platform, businesses can save up to 1KG per 1GB of data while running their ads, making it an eco-friendly option for those who value sustainability. The platform also offers the possibility to create banners with the highest quality possible, without worrying about the file size.

We offer the best data available: cookieless-data will lead to better targeting and personalization. By collecting data based on user interactions with content rather than just tracking cookies, companies can gain a more nuanced understanding of user preferences and tailor their offerings accordingly. This will better the results in a great user experience and more effective marketing campaigns.

You can follow the performance of the campaign in realtimeand do adjustment as you want. We give you results you never seen for this channel.

Nurofy marketing platform offers

  • SuperEasy to create your own campaign

  • Build Banners with quality

    dont think about weight of filesize

  • Cookieless data

  • Real time reporting