Baker Brun has become confident in advertising in online newspapers: "Now we're in charge!"

Using Nurofy opened up a new world for Baker Brun. "Now we can create the ads ourselves, based on our chosen branding strategy, and we can choose which newspapers to use. By monitoring Nurofy's panel, we can constantly see what works best and make corrections along the way if necessary. It's not difficult," says Kari Wulf, Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer at Baker Brun.

Baker Brun will celebrate its 130th anniversary next year, and the company has a long and proud tradition.

They now have a good collaboration with Nurofy when it comes to planning ads and marketing.

"We have brought the baker out from behind the scenes to make it clear that baking takes place in the bakery outlet. It creates aroma and ambiance, and most importantly, fresh, delicious baked goods. Frozen dough products are produced at our new facility in Espehaugen and sent to all bakery outlets," says Wulf.

In total, there are 21 outlets in Bergen, and recently Baker Brun had its first launch outside of Bergen - in Stord. They have an ambition to open two to three new outlets every year going forward.

Value for your money

"The simplification and the approach of being able to do the work and follow up ourselves has been important for us. Nurofy has been good at follow-up and has helped us understand how everything works."

"Now it's easy for us to use; it's easy to see what works and you feel like you get a lot in return for the money you have invested. Nurofy also calls often and asks if they can help with anything, and sometimes we can actually say 'we think we can handle it ourselves'," she says enthusiastically.

Wulf explains that the key for them was being able to have overview and full control themselves.

"Now we can monitor the level of engagement on the internet, which newspapers give the best response, and look at algorithms for how our marketing is performing," says Wulf.


Enormous growth

"We have learned a lot along the way and become more visible and active. This has been noticed, and it's very exciting," says Wulf with satisfaction.

Baker Brun has tested many campaigns. One of the campaigns they had was for cinnamon buns and coffee.

"We had tremendous growth in sales for cinnamon buns! The sales skyrocketed, and it was a good combination of proper pricing in the outlets and online advertising in newspapers and social media," says Wulf.

Another campaign was the launch of the bakery outlet in Stord.

"We posted an ad in the summer asking how 'Stordabrødet' (the bread from Stord) tastes. We got an enormous response, and that bread - which is a dark sourdough bread - has already become a bestseller. It was a smart way to work, and we could continuously monitor the level of engagement online," says Wulf.

Go for it!

"We told Nurofy that we would try this for three months, and we have already forgotten that we said that - because it has worked so well," says Wulf with a laugh.

"In the beginning, we were probably a bit inexperienced, but now we feel more 'hands on.' I am a bit skeptical by nature when I don't fully understand how something works. Sometimes it's almost too good to be true, but there were actually no tricks here," she adds.

Wulf believes that collaborating with Nurofy will be an eye-opener for many.

"You just have to take the leap and try it! Then you will also be convinced that advertising on different platforms is easy, just like it has been for us" concludes Wulf.


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