Daikin Partners with Nurofy: "This is the Future"

Daikin, the world's largest manufacturer of heat pumps, has partnered with technology company Nurofy to promote its products.

"Nurofy provides better visibility and offers advertisers significant flexibility to modify campaigns as needed." says Thomas Krogh, Marketing Manager at Daikin.

Nurofy, a technology company, provides advertisers and businesses with unique opportunities to work holistically in a platform for all digital channels, ensuring that budgets are used effectively for marketing purposes.

Daikin products are sold in Norway and are developed in collaboration with several Nordic countries to ensure optimal performance under challenging Nordic conditions.

Optimal performance is also the key reason why Daikin chose to use Nurofy.

Early Phase - Promising Results

"We chose to test Nurofy as we saw it as a time-saving tool. We use it for both national and local advertising," explains Thomas Krogh, Marketing Manager at Daikin.

Daikin was among the first customers of Nurofy in Oslo, and they started their partnership after Nurofy approached them and presented their solutions.

Today, Daikin uses the platform for both brand building and job advertisements.

"We are still in an early phase, but we have seen good results from the campaigns we have run on the Nurofy platform," says Krogh.


Flexible System

"I would like to highlight the simplicity and follow-up as important points for us," says Krogh.

The feedback that Nurofy has received from Daikin includes the fact that the ads work well in conjunction with social media.

"The service has saved us a lot of time and has allowed us to reach out to more local newspapers that would not have been possible before. Contacting so many local newspapers would have taken too long," explains the Marketing Manager.

Krogh and Daikin have found that Nurofy provides them with excellent opportunities to promote their messages and products.

Customizable To Your Need

What does Daikin consider to be the three best things about Nurofy and the services they offer?

"It is time-saving, provides good analytics visibility, and is a flexible system," summarizes Krogh.

He believes that this type of platform is the future for executing cost-effective campaigns and encourages others to consider using it.

"Others should definitely consider it," says Krogh.

"The platform provides much better visibility into ad campaigns and offers advertisers significant flexibility to modify, pause, and start ad campaigns as needed," he adds in conclusion.


Read more about Nurofy here.

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