– For Fundament Gruppen, the platform is completely unique.

Fundament Gruppen AS entered into a collaboration with Nurofy early on and was involved in the development of the advertising platform itself. Fundament Gruppen confirms that Nurofy's solutions have provided them with good insights, and that it is easy and quick to set up and launch campaigns. 'The advertising budget is now being used in a much more efficient way,' says Anne-Beate, Marketing Manager at Fundament Gruppen.

Technology company Nurofy provides advertisers and companies with completely different opportunities to work comprehensively in a platform for all digital channels, ensuring that budgets are used for targeted marketing.

Fundament Gruppen AS develops and builds homes and vacation homes in the central eastern part of Norway. The company was established in 2006 and has extensive experience with the entire value chain from regulation of raw plots to turnkey products delivered to home and vacation home buyers.

– Nurofy has made it easier for us to reach desired target audiences,' says Anne-Beate Lovborn, Marketing Manager at Fundament Gruppen.

Part of the Development

– Nurofy has previously helped us with advertising on Facebook. We were involved early on and have been part of the development of the new solution,' says Lovborn.

– In our eyes, Nurofy's platform is unique, and the follow-up from Nurofy is as well,' she adds.

Lovborn explains that Nurofy has made it easier for them to reach desired target audiences by advertising in online newspapers across media houses. This increases the likelihood of reaching the customer groups they desire.

– Nurofy has also made it easy for us to have full control over our ad campaigns, and the advertising budget is now being used in a much more efficient way.'

Faster Campaign Launches

Have you noticed any difference in the effectiveness of your marketing since you started collaborating with Nurofy?

– A positive difference for us is that it is much easier to deal with one provider for all advertising in online newspapers. This allows us to launch campaigns faster and it is easier to keep track,' says Lovborn.

– Setting up ad campaigns with Nurofy is easy, retrieving reports is easy, and getting in touch with Nurofy for help or questions is easy,' she adds.

If Fundament Gruppen were to choose three positive things about Nurofy, there is little doubt about what they are:

– Simplicity, simplicity, and simplicity!' says Lovborn enthusiastically.

She is therefore convinced that others should also choose Nurofy if they want a simple and cost-effective solution for digital marketing on websites.

– Advertising is made easier, and the follow-up is very good, so why wouldn't you choose Nurofy,' Lovborn concludes.


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